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Best android games

With more than 2,500 million gamers in the world and more than 55% of the global population using smartphones, there is no doubt that mobile gaming has grown over the years and it has become a worldwide phenomenon. Most people prefer playing games on their smartphones rather than consoles due to their better graphics technology. Here are the five best Android games that I think everyone should get their hands on.

pubg mobile

1) PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG is a popular game, especially for young kids. The idea behind this game was inspired by the Counter-Strike series. It can be played online. This game can actually be done at any place where the internet is available, so you do not need to worry about if you have an unlimited data connection or not! The game can also be played without having to do anything. After the game, all you need to do is start playing until the “overrun” mode kicks in. However, you can also change the settings of your phone by following the steps given below. It does not take much time for you to grasp the concept behind these games and you can even play them for free as long as you have good hardware. They are fun and easy-to-learn games so you will never get bored, but you will definitely feel exhausted after a few rounds after you complete the entire game. But, they give you freedom and power to win so let the competition begin and enjoy these amazing titles, because once you master one you cannot go back to other ones, unlike many others. You can either this game from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

minecraft survival

2) Minecraft Survival Game – Mobile Legends

Minecraft is another classic game, which is very famous thanks to its simplicity, creativity, and versatility. If you want to create something from scratch, then one thing you need to know is how the building part works. In order to make something awesome, you can easily build a house, a robot, plant a tree, anything that you want and you just need to do some research. There are many different types of buildings like pyramids, castles, and walls. Also, if your mind has the desire to recreate Earthly beings, then you should check out what this game has to offer! Yes, one reason why this game is so unique is that you can play as a character who wants to explore a particular planet. Another reason for such uniqueness is that you don’t have to use pre-made materials like cardboard boxes or paper. You can always make your own creations and can use whatever material you want. This game only requires a PC, iPad, or iPhone with minimum specs and a high battery level. But, there are two main categories within Minecraft game survival, namely watercraft, and buildings. So, if you have a boat instead of a mountain, then you don’t need to spend money on tools to reach your destination. Watercraft require a large number of resources like wood and fish. On the other hand, buildings would require some extra help with power and land. And that is exactly what you get in this game! Each player has their unique set of tools that they can use to construct their city or other structures and there is even a whole new type of landscaping that you can use to grow crops or feed the local animals. This game is a simple game but there is no excuse not to play it since it is a lot easier than complex systems! So, get started now!

angry birds

3) Angry Birds – Cell Studio

This game gives you full control over your properties. When you are angry inside some little box, then you feel as though you are doing everything wrong in life. Sometimes playing your way around as the mad bird feels like walking a tightrope over your head and sometimes it feels like flying through space while being surrounded by nothing but darkness. There are a variety of ways to interact with the environment like throwing pebbles toward your enemies, touching a target or simply taking off the top hat. Once you collect 100 stars, then you can unlock special abilities like shooting lightning strikes into the air and turning objects into birds; however, you will need to pay special attention and skills to use those powers. Not only this but whenever you look into the sky, then there will automatically fly into your opponent while looking directly into his eyes. You can customize your characters, and make them angry or apathetic. So, this is a game that has endless possibilities and lots of potential rewards for anyone who tries hard and becomes successful. The game is very addictive and you will find yourself trying to beat millions of players who don’t succeed. At first sight, you can see a video game but when you start watching the actual screen (or even open the console), then one step of thinking the same as the game starts to happen. This game keeps getting better every year and it is a great example of self-sustaining perfection. To end with, there are so many things for players to try and achieve with this game like making your property unique, creating something beautiful, developing skills, collecting and trading items, and much more. So, stop wasting all your time and start working hard and becoming truly happy in real life. Nowadays most of us are busy with our lives and we don’t have time to devote to spending time and energy developing ourselves. Why not let this game help? It’s certainly going to be worth it and even though I am not sure what you can actually learn by playing this game, the reward is enormous. Make sure you start collecting your star scores and buy them for future reference.

free fire

4) Free Fire

Free Fire is perhaps the biggest battle royale game ever and everyone needs to play it at least once in their lifetime. It’s fast and smooth games. In order to start a match, you need three ingredients: fuel, gold, and other valuable materials. As soon as you’ve collected enough fuel and gold, you can start playing right away. In order to obtain all the required elements and weapons, the enemy has to destroy your precious objects. Every single stone, flower, fruit leaves, etc. is destroyed and you need to find them again to survive. However, these challenges can be done by someone else who has been defeated earlier but it is extremely challenging, and you need good strategies and knowledge of your weapon so that you can defeat the opponent before they even reach the base. Some strategies involve strategic moves, and some strategies are based on physics rules. Your goal is to kill the opponent with a minimal number of damage, but sometimes it’s impossible to predict what is coming next. These conditions may seem difficult at the beginning but you’ll enjoy the challenge of these matches each time you play and find yourself struggling with your teammates. One thing that you should keep in mind – is that the difficulty does not decrease as you complete levels. Even though you won this match, you still need to survive against this team otherwise you will lose forever.

gta v
5) Grand Theft Auto V: Breaking Bad Edition (Android)

Everyone loves GTA Games, a great crime simulator game. Playing this games is absolutely thrilling and you will feel like you will be driving around the city and committing crimes. But the fact is, you can get so much done and feel as though you are in a safe city, but behind that city, there is chaos and corruption. Still, regardless of your feelings, you are able to solve the puzzles and clear up to the point of finishing the story. It allows you to enjoy this experience at ease and you just want to keep racing ahead of your rival. Of course, this game has tons of interesting twists and turns that will bring you closer to the ending point.

So, you can say goodbye to old-school-style gameplay that had a lot of limitations (like the car engine and speed). Instead of that, you have many options for improving your performance, such as cars, bikes, and various devices. That’s why this game is called “Grand Theft Automobile” and you can take part in multiplayer games where you will have to compete with the current players to survive. You can earn more and faster by solving the puzzles and finding solutions to your personal troubles or by killing anyone in your path. No matter how dangerous the game gets, you will surely become addicted and love it. Hopefully, you will continue to find yourself stuck and lost in a complicated criminal drama, but you are not alone. All the best of luck!



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