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Manage Technology to Manage Time

Innovation implies and allows us to do things that we cannot or cannot do without any problem. In both cases, there may be a price. Every new tool and every new software strives to get it, knowing how to use it and handle it.

Innovation is perhaps the second biggest disruption for today’s customers. We face endless forms of various enhancements: television, radio, web, supercell, computer, laptop, etc.

Think about this factor: how much time you spend each day, week or month on your innovation. This consists of learning and purchasing enhancements and new programming, designing programming, determining how to take advantage of recent innovations, downloading refactors, troubleshooting and servicing, and exploring the many opportunities and limitations of your hardware and programming. If you effectively analyze it for a month, you are probably in for a surprise.

Follow these three practices to control your innovation and not require any investment:

1. Measure your blessings based on the price of an era: The next time you’re tempted to buy that new hardware or download that new software, this time don’t forget the price. You can often get the best results with an extra touch of innovation and professional programming. Despite their impressive longevity, the modern varieties do not include anything that would allow you to be careful when upgrading to modern models. It just costs you time.

2. Use the 24 hour rule: Every time you are asked to download a brand new tool, another program, or buy another. You need approximately 24 hours to consider this option. Give a true idea of ​​the price at the time of purchase and discover how to monetize and maintain this new innovation long before you buy it. This will reduce the preference for immediate purchase inspiration and help you deal effectively with the use of time associated with innovation.

3. Eliminate the indefensible through time: times will become obsolete or at least much less useful in the long run. It is not difficult to collect frequent updates. Be strict with your programming and device management. Eliminate redundant or insufficient old optimizations.

Innovation can make our lives less difficult and more useful. can contain us Similarly, you can swallow a precious opportunity to buy, control and keep it. We want to be thoughtful and logical with the innovation we receive, and keep thinking about it as you ingest it.

Just take half an hour to carefully compare your recent innovation to determine if it’s really worth reviewing here. If not, remove it. You can keep long intervals in two years, very careful about the innovation you keep and keep.

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