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what is web 3.0 & web 3.0 future

Web 3.0 is a technology that helps people to access the Internet and other information quickly, cheaply, and securely. It allows for more flexibility in how we communicate with each other through social media, e-mails, and instant messaging.

Previous Technology

Web 2.0 (sometimes called Back) was born when HTML 5 was released but it didn’t stand for what many people knew it would. If you were writing an address to someone on the street with Google Maps you wouldn’t get your location because back then you had no idea whether you were using the World Wide Web or not! We have all used websites that were only available by email (back in 1996), so it wasn’t until 2002 that computers could make their own webpage. In October 2003 the first major upgrade to web 2.0 came along when HTML 5 became official. One of the main areas of enhancements included things like semantic tags, code reuse, advanced CSS features, and new methods for developing dynamic documents.

Why Needed web 3.0

Web 2.0 was the world wide web before “Web 3.0”. A few years ago in 2010, I went to a website on which there weren’t any web 2.0 features (we had two pages). Even though at this point on it was still just a static document that was updated occasionally, they needed something else and I was up for doing that. So, they decided to change over to W3C standard version. Web 3.0 is meant to allow developers to build new technologies such as mobile application development, business analytics, decentralized applications, data security, and user privacy. Let us explore exactly what these features are.

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What is Web 3.0

Web 3.0 has several key features that help companies to become more efficient and effective:

Decentralized Applications: Most online businesses, whether large or small, need some kind of internet access so that employees can work anywhere. With the decentralization of internet access, this feature allows an organization to have its employees working from wherever they want. This also makes users more mobile-friendly and allows anyone who has their own computer or smartphone to work from home. For example, if you have office computers you can work from different locations around the globe without having to worry about where your servers are located. When it comes to a physical area you only need one computer and this includes the desktop, laptops, or even smartphones and tablets. Decentralizing applications provides organizations with the ability to easily create apps that can be used as standalone products, with the added advantage that users don’t have to install software and there isn’t a need to spend money in order to purchase additional hardware. As long as you pay fees for hosting these apps you can publish them freely on AppMarket or Github — it isn’t necessary to use plugins to bring your application to life.

Data Security Monitoring & Fraud Prevention:

Organizations that want to protect themselves from hackers will want to implement anti-virus programs, antivirus protection, and firewalls. These programs can be very costly and time-consuming in terms of resources, so the goal is to avoid paying any for them or signing up for them, and the best approach to dealing with cybercriminals is to hire third-party tools for these tasks. By combining real-time data collection (which is usually done by network sensors) with machine learning algorithms you can see past attacks in real-time, detect suspicious activity and prevent the abuse of company networks. Having data security monitoring built into your firewall or VPN ensures that only authorized clients can connect to your server and that the client you are connected to has proper authorization to do so. Preventing fraud on your website and on your blog is another area where AI analysis goes far beyond simple spam detection. You can use neural nets to analyze your visitor’s behavior and identify anomalous activities and identify fraudulent transactions. Anomaly detection and forecasting in general gives your site more insight into how well you care about it in terms of traffic or how much you spent.


Data Privacy / Data Protection:

Another important factor for most online businesses and individuals, especially those who use public cloud services, is protecting sensitive personal data from being breached and manipulated. With the emergence of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Zcash, and Litecoin this feature is becoming increasingly essential for securing our online assets. There are two types of Blockchain-based data protection: the storage layer and the computing layer. Storing data involves creating copies of a transaction, for instance, one bitcoin may contain two. When storing bitcoins you could store them within blockchain nodes, or you can do this using Ethereum or Litecoin, both of which can be stored separately and accessed by the same wallet address. Storage layer data protection uses encryption techniques to keep sensitive data securely hidden in plain sight. Computing layer data protection is achieved by modifying existing databases and implementing cryptographic methods. Although there are multiple ways in which Blockchain technology can be used it is generally recommended for sites that deal with sensitive data. However, to learn more about how to use Blockchain technology to ensure your website and application are fully encrypted with AES 128 AES 160 256 448 is a little more advanced than simply selecting Cryptography!

Personal Identity Rights:

Since the dawn of Social Media, it has been the case that Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Skype, and others have changed the way we interact and communicate with each other. Nowadays in Europe, there are clear laws regarding our right to live our lives according to our values and beliefs. Not all countries across the globe are yet in line, and in recent months the European Union has passed plans for legislation governing individual rights to move around freely. Personally, this brings me joy, as it means now not only am I able to travel around Europe (although probably not without a hitch due to border closures), but I can freely exercise my rights to live out my life according to my values. This is extremely exciting and exciting and makes me very happy I guess! Imagine living a life that you know was possible in the year 2000, and not in today’s world. No wonder Facebook is doing everything possible to develop the next level of Social Media. They are constantly adding more features and features to the platform and enabling users to share content and interests in new ways. As mentioned earlier, Google Plus is already out there, Facebook is building Instagram for Facebook as well as more than 250 million daily active users, and more and more businesses will follow suit and take advantage of modern technologies to provide better ways for customers to engage with each other and the brands and products they sell. Web 3.0 is going to happen, and it is definitely happening in 2018.

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