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Why is my phone so slow

The reason why your smartphone might start to slow after using some time is often because of the effect of a micro-cluster. A smartphone that is running an older version of Android, and has not been updated for several years, will likely experience low battery life as the phone continues to use old software. If you want to take advantage of this feature in your device, then simply update to iOS or Android 8 or newer. However, if your iPhone 6 is still receiving updates for over three years for free, it’s likely that you need to make changes to the app store. The same thing goes for other android phones, but also on Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

So many times I hear people saying “your new iPhone is fine now, it’s just lagging” when the iPhone 2 was released way back in 2006, we all realized how much memory and storage it had. Apple made this decision when they were developing iOS 3.0 (version 3.0 was known as S60). The reason the iPhone 2 has been so successful is that it took years of development and testing, that’s been a huge part. That is why you can see how well the iPhone 2 handles RAM and storage today.

One of the most noticeable features of that time is that there is no option to upgrade to another OS or even install a custom ROM. Since Apple didn’t allow you to do anything that wasn’t their own, they designed their operating system with that kind of mind for the iPhone to be able to stand out. Now that the iPhone 4 is here, one can see some flaws from a time ago.

Take Long to Update:

The reason why it takes so long for any OS to finish the process of updating is basically down to a user’s computer and what you have to do on the device. You can always wait until later to have all the updates and fix issues yourself, but when your phone is used frequently, it needs to be updated more often. This leads to poor performance. So here are two reasons why Android phones might lag (again):

android 5

1) Older Software

  • Most times a company doesn’t bother updating its software for a long period of time. This usually happened during the early days for Google, when they weren’t sure about competition with Microsoft. When you reach higher versions of Android, it’s usually because you already something that they forgot about. In case you don’t know, that’s the reason to keep updating your phone. So the reason why certain companies have lagged on updating their software is that they probably forgot about their application. When they released iOS 5, there was too much information available. It was easy to get into the wrong things, which led to a lot of crashes like before.
  • Because this process can take up to two weeks, you have to update your entire system whenever you run the software, otherwise, your phone won’t work properly. It takes a little more than that to update applications and fixes bugs, especially for small updates. Also, if that software is a year old, it usually won’t work. We often find out this on Facebook when someone checks their Facebook account and notices that everything looks the same as it did three or four weeks prior. And of course, you have to manually update the application to fix the problem. For larger updates, you can find help on how to update your apps and them again. However, this method is pretty difficult. It requires a large amount of storage space.

2) Old Hardware

  • When you buy an old phone, it requires a new charger to charge the battery, so you have to purchase a new one. But when something is old, it’ll require a smaller charger than normal. Plus when you install a new driver, it’ll actually replace your original motherboard’s chip instead of replacing it. Your phone needs to be repaired to fix that. This makes sense since the hardware is quite expensive. There may also be an issue like a damaged speaker so you have to wait for it to be fixed. All of these complications make the whole process very hard.
  • Most manufacturers are using outdated chips and it creates problems that are usually ignored by the manufacturer. If you need a more powerful processor, you need to update your chipset. As soon as you reach new models, they need to be upgraded. Many companies now start working with third parties to improve processors and offer different options to improve the overall system, but many people still prefer getting their hands dirty. Of course, once you reach the latest model, it comes with bigger and better cameras and it seems to be better than ever. Every new model keeps improving your hardware. To summarize, we can recommend purchasing a mobile phone, so if you already have a device, you don’t need to worry about upgrading the OS. Just install the software and be done with it.


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