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Youtube alternatives

We all have watched over 100 hours of video content on YouTube and we all know that the algorithm is a big part of how it works. Today, I am sharing the 5 best youtube alternatives to get you started with your new channel.

The best YouTube alternatives:

  1. Vimeo
  2. Streamify
  3. Hulu Plus
  4. NowTV
  5. YT
youtube alternative vimeo

1- Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the youtube alternatives. Vimeo is an award-winning video software company where that provides tools, services, and platforms for filmmakers to create, share, and distribute their work online. They also offer subscription plans and premium features to enhance the creator experience. On top of this, Vimeo allows creators to make money through ad-tracking and affiliate programs.

Vimeo has a very vast community and a large number of talented individuals who are dedicated to making videos. There are many different categories to choose from in order to find one that is right for you. Most people prefer the “Videos” category because it’s easier to search for specific videos and then select them that you are interested in. If you are starting out, you can always change up your videos and start from there by creating a free account. You can also sign up here for $ 14 (free trial) or $ 49 (subscription plan), but only $ 14 will be billed for you if you become a member. Vimeo also offers more than 1000 different courses to help you make your videos better. They even recently developed apps like Instagram Reels and other useful websites that allow you to sell access and ads. As for the subscriptions, they offer several bundles ranging from $ 9.99 to $ 299.99 monthly and they have three membership levels to choose from.


2- Streamify

Streamify is streaming technology that enables viewers to view and listen to TV shows, movies, and other media content via internet browsers, desktop computers, smartphones, smart TVs, etc. Through its browser extension, it allows you to stream or load media files and watch them. For example, you can now watch HBO Max just by clicking the button below!

Streamify gives users the ability to enjoy content wherever they want like on youtube. This means that you can watch your favorite show on any device that supports Netflix for personal viewing and watching. It’s really simple and intuitive. Plus, it makes the user’s life easier. Let me tell you something else about it. You can stream shows from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, you don’t need any software to do so as it comes pre-installed with Chrome on your computer. When you’re ready to stream anything let’s just enter your password and Streamify will start it for you. There are currently over 1 million users and 500 thousand regular users, which is incredible. And all of the content is absolutely safe and secure. One can upload and stream files directly from their devices, so no worries there. Here are some pros that make this worth it

  • Stream media files in real-time.
  • Access to limitless content
  • Save for offline viewing.
  • No additional costs.
  • Free to share.
  • Open-source software.

3- Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is Hulu’s paid subscription package for subscribers to access the entire library of television and movie entertainment content. It includes all episodes, seasons, specials, movies, web series, documentaries, short films, etc. It also offers thousands of high-quality movies and TV shows available at the click of a button. Also, subscribers get access to dozens of original, licensed, and acquired productions, allowing them to spend less time searching and watching just what they love. Some highlights include popular films and TV shows such as Marvel Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story: Asylum, and others. It also provides quality support for film reviewers and screenwriters, which is highly commendable. Their biggest downside is the long waiting time in line for certain films, especially during weekends. Still, the wait is worth it and definitely worth buying into. There is also an Ad-Free experience where you can enjoy everything Hulu Plus for half price on your account or cancel anytime for your convenience like youtube premium. As for the pricing, you have 3 options; one to buy Hulu full bundle for $7.50 per month, with benefits such as unlimited and no limits to how much you can stream; one to purchase the same amount of content for $16 instead and pay for a limited quantity of ads; and finally, one to buy a minimum of $5 for an unrestricted ad-free experience. That said, the streaming library is huge and so much more than a mere boxset collection. So it’s not just about getting content, it’s more about discovery. Overall, Hulu Plus offers great value and the best quality, which makes it more appealing to many.

now tv

4- NowTV

NowTV is a completely independent streaming service from Fox Corp., providing millions of shows from over 70 different networks, including Showtime Networks, TBS, CNN, ABC, NBC, BET, Turner Broadcasting Systems, PlutoTV, MTV, Comedy Central, USA Network, BBC America, STARZ, Cinemax and others. In addition to being a powerful source of entertainment, these shows are also used by businesses, schools, hospitals, churches, colleges, and non-profit organizations to train employees, conduct corporate training, and educate citizens about public policy issues. It integrates multiple platforms such as Roku, Amazon Fire tablets, Apple, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X for devices and laptops. Also, it brings viewers along with experts and professionals to help viewers discover new stories. They have lots of amazing shows on their platform and even special channels featuring the latest celebrity guests. However, NowTV has been used by millions of people already, so expect a lot of growth. What also sets them apart from similar competitors is that they offer a selection of movies. For example, they have made documentaries like Tiger King, Extremely Wicked, and Shockingly Evil News. There are also a plethora of documentaries available to watch on their mobile app and the Watch Later feature is one of the most unique ones on this list. The interface is clean and organized so that users can easily navigate through the whole library. NowTv has also partnered with Netflix and Hulu on various deals and promotions, which makes the platform even more accessible to all viewers. So all the reasons listed above seem to justify the prices for Now TV in this article. But you must still keep in mind that its cost starts at $5/month, where you can watch whatever you want to watch.

5- YT

YT is a Chinese company founded in 2008 and operates to bring international users the benefits of China’s largest English language network of video, which offers access to 600,000+ channels and 2 million hours of recorded content. Its main focus is on young audiences which provides the content to children and the youth. Over the past few years, YT has established itself as a major market in China. And this makes the platform a valuable resource for many users in China. This is YT not youtube.

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